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Tantra is an ancient scientific study of enliven the soul and the person prolific in that is called a tantrik. Tantriks lead a tough rigorous life to enlighten them Kundalini Shakti and make those energy to infiltrate in our lives to make it better. It is a way of cementing the elements of nature to make lives better. It is the energy of duo - Shiv and Shakti whose incorporation can uphold our lives and make us prosper. In this regard the name of Tantrik SHIVAM SHASTRI is worth mentioning.

Tantra has various ways to perform and those rituals are no doubt complex. There are some specialists who perform those rituals for us. They are called Tantrik . Among those Tantrik Shivam Shastri is worth mentioning. He has completed his tantra sadhana at Kamakhya and also chosen the place for practicing.

     KAMAKHYA – the energy field

Tantrik rituals have its  source deeply rooted with Goddess Kali and the Temple of Kamakhya is regarded as the most revered centers of Tantric practices. The temple is the center of the Kulachara Tantra Marga .It is also one among the oldest 4 of the 51 pithasthan in the Shakta tradition. This temple is deeply rooted in Tantric traditions emphasizing, exploring and harnessing divine energy through rituals and practices. Tantric principles play a significant role in the worship and rituals performed at the temple where the devotees seek spiritual enlightenment and divine blessings. It is regarded as the place where Sati’s yoni (the  reproductive organ) fell, making this field of immense cosmic energy.


Tantrik Shastri is a renowned name in the field of astrology. He has gone through severe austerity to complete his tantra sadhana in the field of Kamakhya. By applying his vast knowledge he has now engaged himself in the service of mankind. He with the power of mantras and tantras helping us to solve various problems associated with our lives

  • Education hurdles.
  • Carrer opportunities.
  • Job life.
  • Love problems.
  • Marriage life problems.
  • Child’s health related issues.
  • Education of children.
  • Family relationship.
  • Love life related issues: Our present lifestyles vary from the way our parents live. The drastic change, hectic work schedule, monotonous routine, deadlines – all make our love relation more complicated. We face many hardships and hurdles to keep our love  life balanced. The vivid problems we have faced are-
  • Problems with partner.
  • Marriage delay.
  • Problems with in- laws.
  • Extra- marital affairs.

By his Black Magic and Vashikaran he gives 100% solution of all this love related problems.

All solutions of those above mentioned fields are within the tip of Trantrik Shastri.

Sri Shastri is winner of many national and International awards which are the milestones in his successful career graph. Some of those are- Jyotish Siromani Award, Best Astrologer in India Award, Best Global Astrologer Award etc.

         The Kamakhya based Tantrik Shivam Shastri with his expertise team is ready to make our lives better , prosper and fruitful. Don’t wait , book your appointment today on the mentioned number below.

+91 900 155 1652 .

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Tantrik in Kamakhya temple a Way for Getting Back to Quietude in Life. Tantrik in Kamakhya Shivam Shastri is helping people with their years of practice in vashikaran and tantra. His willingness to help those who are in trouble makes him the Famous Tantrik Shivam Shastri. Kamakhya temple is known for its magical powers and one of the most important places in India to practice tantra sadhana. Genuine Tantrik Shivam Shastri has performed years of practice in the pious temple of Kamkhaya and is now helping all to come out of trouble. So contact him today.

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